1005, 2019

Boy, Did I Just Dodge a Bullet!

Credit - AAO Tech Blog - Posted on August 23, 2018 By Dr. Greg Jorgensen (Although you may be more tech-savvy than my mom, you may still work with an older doctor, team member, or relative who could benefit from [...]

1005, 2019

Fix or Replace That Digital X-Ray?

Posted by the AAO Tech blog, source - Posted on January 11, 2019 By Bryan Delano The film X-ray era is fully behind us, and we are now entering the second and third generations of digital 2D panoramic/cephalometric technology. [...]

1005, 2019

Ransomeware and what you need to know

By: Lloyd Woods As you know the technology landscape is always changing. Sometimes change.Sometimes change or action comes out of necessity. This is one of those times. Let me explain why. Ransomware is quickly becoming a popular topic when [...]

1005, 2019

CryptoLocker Virus – What you need to know

CryptoLocker Virus There is a new Virus in town.  Beware – this one is particularly troublesome and it’s called CryptoLocker.   It’s most disruptive in that it can infect a workstation and can also damage files on your server. [...]

1205, 2017

ShelterBlue Client Alert!

To all ShelterBlue support clients - please read Due to the impact we are seeing around the country with the virus that's going around today (see our earlier posts) we are going to be shutting down all clients servers [...]

512, 2016

Backup Plan

CREDIT:  Orthodontic Products Published on December 5, 2016 By A.J. Zak You might be familiar with using external hard drives as backups for your personal information—photos, contacts, documents, and more. But it can be just as important for orthodontic [...]

1002, 2013

Referral & Loyalty Program Preparation: Are Patients Judging You by Your Technology?

Repost from Referral & Loyalty Program Preparation: Are Patients Judging You by Your Technology? Written by David Gane on January 30, 2013. Posted in Loyalty Programs, Technology In dentistry, clinical expertise and experience should count for more than technology systems —but the truth is [...]


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