Moving or adding/building a new location(s)?

Building a new location or moving can be a daunting task, and often your architect and builder might not view technology related items as a priority.  Let ShelterBlue take some of the pressure off during this critical phase of your business.

  • Site planning
  • Low voltage planning
  • Followups to ensure proper installation & placement
  • Plan, order, ship & install new equipment

Changing or updating practice management or EHR software?

Switching to new software or doing a significant update to software can be quite a headache.  Many times the software vendor will give you a spec sheet of what’s required, leaving you with many questions.  Managing such changes in the lifecycle of business is at the very core of what ShelterBlue does, and does very well.

Replacing or upgrading radiography or 3D scanning equipment?

Newer radiology, ultrasound, cone beam, and other medical imaging hardware can have a lengthy requirement list. We can guide you through the process with a time (and money) saving plan that even includes upgrade recommendations.



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