Cryptocurrency payment solutions is a new product/service offering from us.  While always looking forward on the technological horizon we realize that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin may play a pivotal role in at the very core of technology and payments in the future.

After working with some colleagues who operate local retail and service businesses in the Lexington, KY area, we have elected to offer the service of assisting/guiding you to readily accepting crypto payments for your goods and services. Whether that may be at your medical practice, service-based business, retail location or restaurant/bar but also getting paid with dollars in your bank account if you aren’t interested in holding crypto after getting paid.

Even if you don’t know much about Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies, we can make it easy by guiding you through all the options so you can leverage your open technological ideologies to attract customers that may seek you out due to your decision to accept payments via crypto.

Until we flush out the content on this page, please contact Lloyd at lwoods@shelterblue.com for further details if you are interested.

Leveraging our partnership with NetCents technologies, a progressive crypto payments platform you can take advantage of the following:

Lightning Speed

Payments are very quick, and the NetCents platform accepts payments from NetCents users or any mobile crypto wallet using QR codes

Instant Settlements

Crypto markets are volatile, but when using a NetCents merchant account payments settle instantly

Merchant Gateway

NetCents’ merchant gateway is a true plug-and-play payment processing platform that is hassle-free to integrate into any merchant website or bricks and mortar retail location and reduces your all-in processing costs.

Point of Sales for Retail

Many options for direct integration into your retail POS system, or use the iOS or Android app for sideline payment processing in the short term

Risk and Fraud Reduction

There’s a lot we do to ensure you stay safe. Our AI 2.0 proprietary algorithms, IP, and user verification software combined with probability modules and advanced anti­-fraud security work, reduce fraud and minimize risk

Crypto to Crypto Settlement

Already interested in crypto and want to hold on to what you take in for payments? No problem.

Crypto to Dollars Settlement

Just want to attract the crypto userbase by accepting it for payment, but want to receive US dollars into your bank account?  We’ve got you covered.

Low Fees & No Contracts

Processing crypto payments through NetCents couldn’t be easier and cheaper. Unlike most credit card payment processors there are no contracts or monthly fees.

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